8 Ultimate Bathroom Storage Ideas, Designs And Planning

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Do you find yourself lingering over pictures of beautiful bathrooms and creating concept boards dedicated to them, or maybe you just want a change? Then you might be ready for a bathroom remodel, and there is no better place to start with these startup guide!

The bathroom is considered as one of the most important yet cramped space of every residence. But with smart design ideas, bathroom storage issues can be sorted out easily.

8 Ways To Store In Style

Here are a few clever bathroom storage ideas which will definitely lift your space, to proper usage and well organized area:

1. Wall Cabinets:

Making use of every inch of space is essential in a small bathroom. Hung cabinets to make use of the empty walls. The racks for each bathroom item, will give the bathroom an organized look.

2. Storage Tower:

Built-in storage tower (as a wall niche), not only stores several towels, but it also brings visual interest to the neutral looking bathroom. It adds texture and color to the space.

3. Storage Ladder:

Free standing storage ladder is an awesome idea to go with. It is a great option, if you are the type, who frequently change the design of bathroom.

4. Vintage Inspired storage:

Place two or three large wicker baskets on a vintage vanity shelf, to keep bathroom toiletries, as well as to bring visual appeal to the bathroom.

5. Vanity Niches:

Create niches beside the mirrors to keep the grooming materials, like hairbrush, cream, shaving cream, oil, hair gel. It is always handy when you are in a hurry.

6. Custom Armoire:

Antique cupboard or wardrobe, a custom-made armoire adds a warm, inviting feel to your bathroom, while providing plenty of storage.

7. Stacked Wicker Baskets:

These baskets are a simple, efficient way to add storage and visual interest to a small bathroom. Place the baskets underneath a pedestal sink to save room, and to allow easy access to toiletries.

8. Custom Shelving Unit:

Custom-made built-in shelving is one of the best options for an irregularly shaped bathroom. The different-sized shelving compartments allow for storage of a variety of items without making the space look cluttered.

Installation of such quick and easy storage like wall shelves, closets, open rack, baskets, vanities, towel bar, hook bars, give a nice boost to the space. And helps in maintaining an organized look. Get inspired to turn your dream bathroom into reality!

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