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Corridors the silent walkways! They are the silent pathways to move from one place to another, and therefore, need to have some cool and calm designs around. Keep it sophisticated and calm by using various materials like textured laminates, texture paints, glass and so on, and make the few minutes that take to pass through this space also count.

Accesorize The Walkways

Get the feel of real corridors and verandas with:
• Adding few interesting paintings on the walls gives the space a perfect look.
• Even the addition of unique sculptures, would uplift the space instantly.
• Additionally, make it more lively and smooth by placing a few indoor plants.

Pay Attention To The Designs

• Make it more authentic with traditional arch & lintel design concepts.
• Add in outdoor furniture set, to give the space an amazing twist.
• Glass walls with textured or etched effects, pours in the class to the corridors.
• White walls speak the language of royal treatment.

The Light Effect

Apart from all these things, keep your corridors and verandas spacious, well ventilated and well illuminated by good source of natural light and artificial illumination. Add soft tints of colors to get more of the sober and simple looks. Use of mirrors, some seating, textured glasses as partition walls, steel channels to support with can be used to get a desired and appreciable looks!

Keep It Simple

Do not extend their length with unwanted elements or over designing. Keep it simple and sober, yet make sure the design speaks out and displays the best.

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