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The concept of Kitchen Garden is basically a small plot near to the house or any place right outside the kitchen. Since early times, It has been used for growing a variety of vegetables according to the season, basically for the regular supply of fresh vegetables, herbs for the family.

Moreover, gardening with vegetables can actually be fun since, watching and working on it can add a new dimension of enjoyment to the life and bring an awareness about nature. Also, vegetable harvested at home, tastes better than one bought from markets and are also free from toxic chemicals!

The Different Types Of Organic Gardening

The kitchen garden is not just for those with large plots, the garden lovers can even grow the plants in any tiny balcony or even on the window sill! Here are a few types of kitchen garden mentioned, homeowners could easily try any of these ideas to set up their own vegetable garden.

The Container Gardening

The vegetable container or decorative planters garden works well in limited space or urban space and are very easy to set up and get started! Make sure to select containers that are deep since, they can keep the soil moist for a longer time. Moreover, rooted vegetables like potatoes needs containers that are deep and wide.

Here a few vegetables are mentioned that suits the container gardening the best.
Potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, carrots, squash, turnips, green beans and green onions.

The Window Box Garden Or The Window Sill Garden

Have no other access to growing plants? Well, then these window boxes are the best one to opt for. Though they have their own set of challenges, they can look very attractive. One can even opt for hanging boxes. Make sure to select the right plants for these window sill containers, as deep and extensive rooted plants will not thrive in them, for instance, choose plants like the lettuce, greens, and spinach, herbs as they do not have deep roots.

The Raised Garden Beds

If the gardener has a slightly larger space, then these raised-bed garden is the ideal ones and can especially be considered as the best option, if in case the soil conditions are not ideal. Also, make sure to keep the soil in raised garden healthy by adding compost and other organic matters. Additionally setting up a series of small raised vegetable garden beds in various patterns will give the outdoor a very alluring look.

The Garden Maintenance And Garden Designing

With these various types of vegetable garden ideas, it gets easier for gardeners with both large plots as well as with only a window space, to work and plan accordingly. The most interesting and vital part is to decide on what one would like to grow and how to make it look aesthetically appealing at the same time. Hence, make sure to observe what suits the space before getting all ready to set the organic garden!

And as far as the garden maintenance is concerned, the gardener needs to build a permanent fence that creates barriers for necessary protection by blocking livestock to enter the area. Additionally, the garden design needs to be an attractive one. And therefore, try to get the fence painted in some vibrant colors. Add flowering plants as borders to the raising bed, to make the space look more colorful and lively. Accessorize it with colorful planters, add interesting outdoor lighting to make the space look attractive and gets spotted even at night.

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