Boy's Room Designed on Musical Theme

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Recently brainstorming about ideas of creating Boy's bedroom. Always short of ideas when it comes to boys room's design. Then struck this idea of Musical Theme. As my own son loves music, and had a vibe of music in his room, so I thought why not.
We had to work on very tight budget. So I came up with idea of using Wall stickers, and stencils. I guess one can easily create a theme with these easy to use wall stickers available in the market.

Musical Wall Stickers

As you can see the use of stickers is all over the room. Saxophone, guitar. I particularly like the idea of using CD ceiling hanging. It is one of the DIY project, which you can give it your kids, and get them involve in their room renovation. If you can find a lamp with the type here with guitar base that will uplift the room, with the music theme. Lots of musical theme wall stickers are available to choose from. Choose your theme and design your room accordingly.

Musical Theme Bedding

Of course you can match the bedding using the room paint color beige and throw in some pillows with some musical instrument imprints.

Musical Crossword Wall Hanging

Another interesting DIY in this room is Musical Crossword Wall Plaque. You must encourage your kids to come up more ideas. They are the best source of inspiration.

Piano style window cornices

Last but not least the piano style window cornices. It is one of the piece, which can take little bit of time and effort. But it is worth spending your time for. It really completes the room with the theme we started with.
I am sure your loved one would gaze through the window, and get musical inspiration, and will thank you, for designing such a room for him!

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