Interesting Interiors of Boys Bedroom - Toddler to Teenager

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Designing your young man's room is rolling around in your mind for quite a while? Then take some time out from your busy schedule and go through these ideas for his room decor. May be you will come up with some ideas that you were searching for or something totally apt that matches your little one's personality!
So here are few decors meant especially for the boys. If you are thinking, designing a boy's room is difficult then that's not the case! Its quite easy actually if you know his hobbies or the things that he prefers to do to pass the time.
Let's start with the toddler's room. Softer shades always work for the junior ones. Opt for muted colors for the background. Like the one shown here. Pale gray, blues and greens goes well with boys corner. Add loads of toys and fabrics in brighter shades to give the space a vibrant look.

Another decor in muted tone. Even use of dark colors in the form of fabrics can bring out an overall different look. The designs of the store units are given a balanced feel by adding floor rugs in those same shades. Well, choosing such tones works well for small rooms. It makes the room look larger and brighter! Other than the colors, one should pay special attention to the furniture's height while designing for kids room. The kids should be comfortable in getting his stuffs by himself and the most important part, avoid sharp edges for furniture's, instead opt for one with rounded corners!

Decor with a dash of color can also bring drastic change to the interior. If you are looking for an instant change that too in a pocket friendly manner then do try this out! Add color to the first wall that falls in view when entering the room. Make it unique by not just creating a focal point with just wall art instead create some interesting shapes and use it as display units or shelves for books. Both interesting and useful at the same time. Such designs works for spaces with floor space limitations. So using the wall is definitely the smart way!

Why not try something bolder on the muted wall for the teen guy! Bring on the darker shades on one wall, highlight them. The dark and bold color scheme brings energy to the room. An easy way to create a focal point. Add fabrics for furniture that compliments the wall. Simple yet impressive design!

Last but not the least, every single teenager would love this concept and would relate to this decor. They basically need a space of their own to relax, chill out with friends and to get lots of sleep so such a decor work for those who likes spending time with friends at home. Create an arcade corner with their favorite gaming system. And the most important part of the design is everything is displayed on the wall instead of storage units, but still manages to look well organized. Something the teens would love as everything just a hand reach away!
Sometimes all you really need is a little inspiration. Hope this post helped you out in some way.

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