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The living room is one place in the house that best showcases a sense of style which everyone is free to see. It need not be extravagant or huge, but yes, if you really have a small living room, then here I have the solution to get the best of space within the small living area. It will surely impress you and pretty much will inspire you to come out with creative ideas for small living rooms.

The Furniture Placement

Simple and classy way to play with small living room area to make it look spacious, is to simply handle furniture placement, accessories, color of the room, floor treatment, lighting, and so on. Those simple things are :
• Dress your living area walls with light and soft colors. (for e.g. yellow, light green, pink, etc.)
• Add light color flooring, like light wooden , white or cream shades of tiles, marble to create dramatic and sprawling look, in the living rooms.
• Install a soft color chandelier or matching with the rest of decor to make the room look very special.
• A light shaded couch/sofa and an LED/LCD TV hung onto the wall, leaves lots of space to move around the room.

The Color Play

• Classy, sophisticated color combo with white hue, brings up more of the space.
• Warm up the window treatments with woven horizontal blinds to get the feel of space.
• When room isn't quite large enough to house a large sectional or L-shaped sofa, then individual chairs or single 3 seater sofa for living room are always a great option.

Ways To Design

• Add mirrors to a few of the shelves to visually expand the space while adding extra dimension.
• Along with a beautiful wall color, proper lighting can alter and affect the tone of a room. • Add wall to wall carpeting or a spacious area rug.
• An eye-catching piece of art or sculptures, placed on or beside the furniture, always blends well with the spaces.
• Opt for open space concept rather than creating unwanted partitions or walls.

Hence, just a few minor and intelligent changes can bring lots of space to the small living area. Just browse through living room design photos to find out the necessary requirements and get inspired. Transform the clumsy and the cramped living room to a spacious, beautiful area to live in.

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