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How about designing a space with keeping an open concept in mind.This concept works well both in spacious and small homes.It brings in a sleek trendy look to the space.Designing such a concept needs a lot of planning and moreover there should be a flow in the design,that too when the view to each corners is not blocked by walls!
Take a glimpse of the corners and get inspired to set your home right away.
The home designed here consist of sharp lines which is applied on the ceiling,the handrails and the frames.The use of horizontal,vertical lines are smoothed by the addition of curvy furniture,artifacts and fabrics.

Neutral tones always gives the space a brighter look.And even using of darker fabrics will give the space an attractive look.The artifact,the unique center table,the colorful carpet all together manages to give the home a touch of elegance.

Partitions have always been a topic of discussion.If not used in the right ratio,it can make or break the whole concept.Here the fireplace mantle is used as a wall partition.An interesting way to divide the space.

If you are lucky to have a sea front home then blocking the view with walls is not a good idea.Instead opt for a wide window that brings in the feel of nature right inside the home.Add few indoor plants to compliment the look.A perfect home for a music lovers.Enjoy playing the instrument with a beautiful view to watch on!

This part of the home is also designed smartly and emits an organized look.Though the theme is all about "open concept" each designs showcases the utility area.The designs for each area is different but still it goes with a flow and doesn't create an out of the place look.The rich brown cabinets compliments the flooring and a small portion has been high lighted by adding beige near the dining area.The wall frames with down lights brightens the corner.And the informal seating provided near the balcony goes well with the frames and the pinch of color makes the space look vibrant.Moreover the table which is part of the seating gives an unique look.

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