White Murano Chandelier Embellished with Gold


Traditional chandelier Murano Floreal type with leaves and flowers of Venetian glass decorated with gold. This chandelier is the purest tradition of the Venetian fixture.
Arms of the chandelier are adorned with pompons flowers Venetian glass. This Murano chandelier is made ​​using the traditional technique of single breath. Chandelier ideal for lovers of craftsmanship Venice .
This chandelier is manufactured in three sizes:
- 6 sconces, 90 cm in diameter
- 8 arm light, 100 cm diameter
- 12 sconces, 110 cm in diameter
Part No.: LM3.L025
This Murano chandelier is entirely hand made.
Estimated time to delivery: 5-6 weeks.
For information on your chandeliers, lamps or any proposed illumination, do not hesitate to contact us, : info@i-lustres.com 06 26 47 27 02
Note:All of our chandeliers, lamps and luminaires Venice are guaranteed handmade blown glass produced on the island Murano. Our chandeliers are supplied with a certificate of authenticity. Each chandelier is a unique piece produced by a master glassblower of Murano.

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