Murano blown glass Chandelier with colorful flowers


Exceptional chandelier Murano blown glass, made ​​entirely of blown Venetian glass.
This Murano chandelier is made ​​using the traditional technique of single breath. It is a colorful Chandelier to brighten your ambience
Dimensions Height: 160 cm Diameter: 125 cm
12 sconces course can be provided with matching wall lights chandelier.
Part No.: LM3.L005

This Murano glass chandelier is entirely hand made ​. Estimate delivery time - 5 . 6 weeks For more information regarding your chandeliers, lighting or illumination project, do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal:
Note:Our chandeliers are supplied with a certificate of authenticity. Each chandelier is a unique piece produced by a master glassblower of Murano.

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