Thinking to Design a Girl's Room?

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When it comes to designing of a girl's bedroom, it's not just about frilly fabrics and pink, in fact it has got a lot more to do!
This article is all about how you can convert any ordinary room into a kids corner. A corner for your princess, a zone just meant for your toddlers!
The decor should vary, as each girl's choice varies from style with personality by age. As there are room designs and decors matching one's requirement, you will definitely like any of these ideas, or even get a clue on how to implement it in your little ones room. Check it out, and get inspired!

Use Soft Colors

Here a girl's room in pale color has been designed, in a simple way. Storage units are in white. And the transparent curtains in white goes well with the white storage unit. Here, the whole attention is grasped by the colorful floral patterned bed.

Bring In The Wall Stickers

Yet another view of the same room. The head rest and the window treatment, has been provided with the same color. The dark brown shade of the fabric, goes well with the pale colored wall. The wall stickers, on both sides of the bed, are simple and matches the patterns on the bed.

Add In Stuffed Toys

Try a few of these color combos out, or you may even try to mix it with some color of your little one's choice! Most important of all, just get creative and playful, as its all about designing the space for your little angel !

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