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Landscape designing is in the top priority list these days.Time to get ready with your landscape designs around your home, to give this an importance proper planning is absolutely necessary to create a healthy environment! An attractive and functional landscape would draw you to spend more time out with nature.
But successful landscape design needs careful planning and If you want to design the landscape by your self, then following few procedures would help you during execution.
So lets start with

How to plan a landscape

* Make a rough sketch of the site layout.
* Decide what you would like to add in your space and most important what fits your space!
* Plan how to make the passage from the main gate till the main door interesting. For example, like what would you like to display when at the main gate and where would you like to pause for a while to enjoy the focal points and of course the pathways should not confuse a visitor!
* Most important - Drain and outlets should be given lot more attention.

So once you are done with the preparation of rough sketch, implement the basic elements to achieve a picture perfect curb appeal!

The basic elements of Curb Appeal


Check out the color wheel which will give you a clear idea about the application of color theory in landscape. You can group it according to your own wish. Opt for warm colors if you want to excite the viewers whereas cool colors will give a relaxed feeling.


In landscape, form is the shape of the plant. Decide what type of plants would you like to add up.This goes for both trees and shrubs. For example - Broad, spreading, columnar, arching are few of the forms.



Here line refers t0 the smooth movement or flow of viewer's eyes from arrangement to other both on horizontal and vertical planes of hardscape and soft scape.


This is one of the most important factor. If the scale is not appropriate you may end up placing an over sized pool with a narrow walk way or a huge tree that blocks the view to something that you have created as a focal point.

The Landscape Lighting

It is a treat for the eyes. There are different kind of lighting for different purposes. Some are located entirely in the garden bed while some casts light on the path. Path lights can be made attractive by adding texture and color that can be achieved by placing some plant.
Note: Do not forget to clean the lamp surface and relocate the grown plant stakes when it starts blocking the light.

Water Elements in Landscaping

Add sound and movement to your landscape by adding water elements. It brings a feel of natural surrounding. It can be adapted even in smaller spaces but if space is not an issue then creating a wooden deck with water front will be a great idea. Home owners will love this idea as they don't have to restrict the party or get together with friends just indoors, when they can have an elegant extension to their home!

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