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Red, a color which is considered as one among the bold color palette, can be used as a point of focus. The red, when blended with lighter tones, can give any space a vibrant look. For instance, if red is combined with the peaceful and pure white, it brings out an amazing combination. It's also considered as an exclusive combination for the all the spaces as this brings in an energetic feeling to the decor. A color which, plays an essential part in Valentines Day Decor theme. Moreover, the theme would be incomplete without the addition of red.

A Dash Of White

One wall with red, and other three with white, brings out the perfect balance and visual impact. As red is a color that dominates, it is essential to play very carefully, because over use of red may ruin the overall design idea, and the less use of white, will definitely end one up with a dull and dark looking space.

The Soft Touch Of Red

As red have that versatile quality to be accepted at every space, include it with pale colors to create a bright, unique combination. But, it is equally important to maintain the balance. Therefore, use dominating red with sober and pure white. Keep more of white percentage (for say 75%) to get a spacey glowing look and red (for say 25%) to complete the look.

The Chili Effect

A color combination, often accepted and appreciated by people, it’s definitely a choice of class, style and being different! Simply add in a dash of dark red to the interiors, to create a space that pops out. Get inspired and implement it, to create theme one would love, a combo that is definitely worth a shot!

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