Vastu Shastra For Gate And Main Door

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Entry door or Main Door Vastu Shastra. One should pay great attention to the main door as it is the way to life in the home. Vaastu has many guideline set especially for them.So its advisable to ensure these are met at the construction stage itself.

* Have the main door as the largest door in the house.
* Do not install door closures.
* The main door should open inside.
* Do not have sewage chambers and well directly in front.
* The main door should be free from any kind of obstructions.For example - large trees.
* Have the main door on the same side of the entrance gate.
* Do not have underground tanks under the entrance door .
* Do not have main door facing a deserted building.

Front Gate Vastu

Even the placing of the main gate is of paramount importance as it determines the facing of the house and also the pro vaastu consequences that follow.
The ratio of the breadth and height of the gate ,its location from the two corners,the design of the grills are some of the factors which merits attention.Even the approach path to the main gate or a wall facing the gate also effect the destinies of the inhabitants.
* The main gate should be in the north or east side.
* Opt for rectangular or circular designs without sharp edges as its considered to be inauspicious.
* Avoid gates on the south side.
* It is always better to have two gates.

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