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Artificial lighting for indoors is a key part of interior design.It play a very important role in designing as it emits a whole new meaning to the design by adding,reflecting,defining the objects.These day lights are not used just for the sake of visibility,it has lot more role to play.
Check out the types of lighting and how its been used in the interiors as enhancers.So lets start with the type of fixtures according to their functions.The five basic types are:
* Ambient (The general lighting)
* Task Lighting
* Accent Lighting
* Guidance Lighting
* Decorative Lighting
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Lights designing is all about bringing the functionality and style together.Here the bedroom has been provided with both decorative lighting and accent lighting.To achieve the feel of calmness and relaxation mostly dimmer lights are opted.The light used in this interior are dimmer and matches the color scheme well.The ceiling lights throw reflection on ceiling that adds more drama to the space.And the accent lighting manages to draw attention to the textured wallpaper behind the bed.

When it comes to kitchen lighting,all kinds of lighting can be used depending upon the plan and style.Task lights for the kitchen counters,decorative lights for the dining,ambient lighting to brighten up the space are few of them.As lights can add or subtract from overall space or just to enhance specific space,an illusion is created and that result to change the mood of the room.
Few important facts:
* Color Management :The lights used should blend well with the rest of the interiors.
* Space :Lights play an important role in making the room look cramped or spacious.
* Functionality.

Living room is the place where you entertain your guests and even the place where you can experiment the most.Here the color scheme and lights has been used in such a way that both gets highlighted in a way.The lights running from wall to the ceiling enhances the beauty of the space.And the way the white tone has been used doesn't make the space look dull at all.A perfect contemporary designs where even the lights showcases the straight lines.

Gone are the days where bathroom designing was not much of an importance.Now even the bathroom is designed with much of detailing both keeping the functionality and aesthetic view in mind.The spot lights,ceiling lights,hanging lights all has managed to enhance the space.Actually the elements that come together when the right lighting is achieved transforms a room into a seamless combination of functionality and style.

Lighting is the most easiest way to enhance the beauty of the outdoor space.If installed on floor it works as wonders and draws attention instantly.The low and mood lighting always look classy and appealing too.

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