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Knock knock, a way to adorn the doors and welcome the guests, friends and family with some uniqueness. Though modern electronic techniques and hi tech gadgets have taken over, still the special touch of antique, vintage door knobs and handles have their own beauty.

Vintage Door knobs

Vintage door knobs and handles are typically strong and simple in their construction and are also beautiful in their design. Types of door knobs to give an appealing look to your doors are :
Representative, Asymmetric, Odd-shaped, Spiral and Swirl, the "Fold," Radial symmetry, Concentric, Oval, Emblematic and Fraternal, Wooden, Glass and Crystal, Composition, Porcelain, Paperweight.

The Door Knob Materials

Most of them are made with brass, wood or iron basically with a heavy material which lasts long and brings in a unique charm to the doors of any indoor spaces. Choosing specific vintage door knobs and handles are probably more a matter of personal taste than anything else, still it has its own appealing beauty used where ever. Also, there are numerous styles and design possibilities for vintage door knobs and handles available, to suit any requirements and needs.

Give A Makeover

Designing is just not renovation or creating new innovative modern things at times, it's all about “class and adding up royal signature” to the spaces. What else can be better to add up a class to the first step of your interiors with antique vintage door knobs and handles. This adds in a heavy look to the simple door with such classy collection of knobs and handles. It could also be interesting and appealing to use different knobs in different rooms. So, it's time to bring back the old charm to the spaces, and antique vintage products are the best, to get back the feel of royal era of history and mixing it up with the modern way of styling to get a perfect cocktail of old & new!

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