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Small studio apartments can be beautiful and stylish too! As small always doesn't mean congested. Why not try something different? How about Japanese home decor style? As those who prefer to stick with a single color theme, this design concept is definitely the perfect one! Check out the ways here, how you can make a small space lively and usable.

Studio Apartment - Japanese Decor

Let's begin with the most tricky part. As studio apartment is all about getting a single space divided into various rooms. Let's begin with the division. It basically depends upon ones personality and way of living. Here a single seater is provided, where one can sit and enjoy reading or watch television, or even use it as a breakfast nook set! The partition created by a unit which can be used as a showcase or a magazine rack manages to portray the interest of the homeowner. Definitely the homeowner must be a book lover! And the simple wallpaper adds style to the space.

Store It Right - Japanese Furniture

Use bed with under storage, or opt for sunken bed for hidden storage. The floor can be raised to make space for the storage below, and to give the bed a platform. Also, instead of creating walls to divide, opt for storage units to separate the rooms. This will ease out the storage issues, as well as provide the users with privacy.
Check out furniture for small spaces for more inspiration.

The Interior Partitions

In a studio apartment, the traditional doors are a waste of space. It wastes both actual and visual space.
In Japanese designs, the implementation of the sliding door looks better and can be more efficient in terms of space.
Partitions that allow a room to open into others visually, while allowing it to be shut off separately when desired, is a great idea for tiny spaces.

Less Is More

Decorate the studio apartment with Japanese accessories like, shoji screen, Japanese lantern, bonsai plant, kimono, Japanese dragon figurine, and, so on are good for the room to have plenty of natural lighting.
Do not use too many prints. Use simple tree themed wall decals, to bring the outdoor natural beauty in your cozy apartment.

The Japanese Bedroom

Bedroom with Japanese interior design, is all about clean lines and simplicity. It promotes a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
As for bedroom colors, traditional Japanese style bedroom subsists of white and earthy colors such as brown, and a little amount of green.
The focal point of this bedroom, is the headboard. This Japanese headboard doubles as an art, and is an alternative way to decorate over the bed. This design concept constructs an uncomplicated and stress-free bedroom with low light, and more of just a place to sleep rather than a place to hang out.

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