Tips on Setting up a Home Gym

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Happy New Year to all my readers! I am sure everyone has made a new year resolution by now. If not, read this post about the most popular resolution of Getting Fit! I can understand going out to the local gym may not be always possible! There may be many constraints, however with a little effort you can overcome these challenges. Start today by following these 4 useful tips to setup your own Home Gym!
1. A Gym Room: It is a good idea to have a room dedicated to exercise alone. Before you start buying gym equipment, asses how much space you have in your room. Additionally you need to know your budget, fitness level, experience and goal!

2. Conductive Training Environment The room you use should have good ventilation! Many people create exercise areas in their basements. If possible you should install windows in your basement as light is necessary to inject positivity in your exercise routine! Additionally installing an audio system in the room will help you enjoy your workout as music causes time to fly by.

3. TV or No TV I would not recommend watching TV while using exercise equipment. While watching TV may be fun, it is easy to get distracted and treadmill mishaps can be really dangerous. However, if you need to motivate yourself to workout, feel free to exercise while watching your favorite exercise video.

4.Clutter free room
We normally don't think about cleanliness and organization when exercising. However, to maintain a peaceful and serene environment as well as tranquil thoughts during your yoga excursions, the condition of your room is extremely important. Bright and clutter free rooms create an illusion of open space and thus allow you to feel light, flexible and supple. Even a fussy child will be filled with peace while watching you exercise!
Using these four tips I hope you fulfill your New Year's resolution to achieve your fitness goals!

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