2014 – Top 10 Design Influences in Home Décor


The craving and desire for change has led us to this robustness and versatility in how we spruce up ourselves nowadays and how we adorn our homes. Every passing year says goodbye to certain trends and preferences in design and décor and introduces with it new inspirations compelling people to follow through. Another new year is here right before us with endless possibilities to expand our design horizons. Few design trends are expected to dominate the home décor arena during 2014 and the most important of them are shared here.
1. Interchangeable Accents
The desire of change in people bursts out more than ever this year with interchangeable accents gaining mass acceptance and people moving towards chameleon décor. Versatile neutral bases will be high in demand rather than one fixed look, with people going for big-impact brightly colored accents in order to keep changing their décor.

2 Escorting in Glamour
Design industry plans moving past white walls. 2014 will bring rooms escorting glamour and shimmer of dark hues. Sheer captivity of black walls will dominate as the perfect backdrop to those lustrous metallic accessories gaining more and more popularity.

3 Vintage Valor
Social media is great in slashing lifespan of a fashion trend right through half. Over exposure has turned all of us into curious cats looking for something new to shred apart. Vintage valor is to hit strongly all through 2014. Classic contemporary leather beds in your bedroom would leave your guests gasping and asking straight: “Where did you get that?”

4 Blossoming Prints
Fabrics are making their way back strongly in 2014 through Florals and Chintz. They not only exude blunt and distinct character, but can be easily mixed with other graphic patterns to nurture a contemporary look.

5 Stirring Metal Mash-Up
People would highly prefer metallics as adornments, just like gold and silver – mixing and matching them up all through 2014 to enjoy their everlasting sheer beauty.

6 Navy Savvy
People will get navy savvy this year, making it one of the biggest and boldest trends of 2014. More and more shades of navy are being seen on the ramps, streets, chic interiors and even in editorials. Every passing day is adding more to this trend, so watch out for what you get in navy for 2014.

7 Timeless Traditions
2014 marks the departure of modern and electric décor. Scores of people will flock toward the ease, comfort, luxury and elegance of traditional ways. We will see this year as “A return to the tradition” as far as design and décor trends are considered.

8 Innovative Combos
People would dare for innovative combinations in materials as well as textures with lots and lots of layering. In fact, a lot of mixing in different metals, fabrics and woods is on the horizon for this year, adding an unprecedented crisp in the air.

9 Bleeding Blues
2014 is deemed to bleed blue. From richness and saturation of navy and indigo to vibrancy of cobalt and peacock blue, interiors will teem and gleam in countless shades of blue.

10 Black and White Strike Rite
Black and white – one of the classic palettes of home décor, more to be seen in wallpapers and floors for the whole of 2014.

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