Buying A House? Home Inspection Important Facts For First Home Buyers

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Planning to buy a home, that too for the first time? Then it's quite understandable for one to feel anxious, but a good research and patience will definitely help one to buy the house of one's dream! Once ready to take the plunge, start checking out websites, take suggestions, see what fits the budget, investigate the area, before contacting the property dealer. And this is definitely not the end! Well, there's a long way to go, hence, check out a few of the home guide facts, that would come in use for new home buyers.

A Quick Checklist

The checklist gives the newbies a quick summary of each step needed to be taken in the home buying process.

Decide with the kind of home wanted.
Consider features that are important. For instance, the size of the house/apartment, number of bedrooms and so on.
Select the neighborhood/location.
Calculate how much can be afforded.
Consult a realtor for advice.

Additionally, the buyers could also contact professionals on SpaceIO, for the designing and addition process, once the procedure of finding home is complete.

The Home Buying Contract

Before signing the purchase contract, go through the contract thoroughly.
Ask questions that arise in the mind.
Check if the duration for completion of the project, mentioned by the person dealing with the marketing process, is same as that of mentioned in the agreement.
Make sure to ask questions related to the payment schedule and the buyer's cancellation rights.
Additionally, understand the liability and the commitments.

Buying A Home? Go Through The Plan

Make sure to check the approved layout house plans, building plans, ownership documents.
During the construction of the home, cross check the measurements of the actual site with the drawings of the property, to find out any differences.

For a clearer view, check out the difference between carpet area, built up area and super built up area.
Carpet Area - The area enclosed within the walls. This area does not include the thickness of the inner walls.
Built-Up Area - The area which includes the walls too.
Super Built-Up Area - This includes the built up area and the common areas like the lobby, stairs, elevators and so on.

The Importance Of Site Visit

Once the above mentioned process is complete, start visiting the work site on a regular basis to find out the defects in ease. Here a few common defects in new homes has been pinned down, which would help the new home buyers to look for and act instantly.

Since, many defects happen outside of the warranty time frame, it is necessary to know the exact underlaying problem and fix it in time, to prevent further defects. For instance, a crack on tile, is considered only under warranty till the buyer moves in, but the cracked tile could be even a result of foundation movement!

Additionally, check if the work is going according to the work schedule provided by the builder. And in the later stages, also make sure to check if the materials used are of the same quality, as mentioned in the documents.

Advice For New Home Buyers

Never consult a home inspector recommended by the realtor or seller, since they never point out the major structural problems.
Never buy a home which is redecorated or covered up, to hide existing cracks. Hence, it is important to visit the new home site frequently or buy an old home, which has not been renovated recently.
Check whether the floor is in level and the walls vertical, with the help of a 4 foot bubble level. And in case not found in level, it is recommended to consult a structural engineer. Other than level issues, the cracks and the plumbing defects are the ones, which can get worse by passing time and needs quick rectification.

The Structural Cracks

Cracks are considered to be one of the most common problems found during home inspections, therefore a home needs to be inspected by a professional, to know whether they are serious structural damage, before one comes to a conclusion.

Since, minor hairline cracks, are visible even within months of completion hence, a regular visit to the site, will bring these faults to notice. And if in case, it's simply covered up, instead of proper rectification, before the keys are being handed over to the buyer, then he/she could ask for the warranty of the same. This includes both the exterior and interior cracks.

The Plumbing Defects

Although not ranked as a number one home defect, plumbing defects still rank high among the problems encountered. Even in a new plumbing, one may end up discovering built in damages later. Therefore, as soon as one finds even a small moisture patch, act quickly.

Since, under some new home warranties, the builder or the seller has the responsibility to make repairs during the first one to two years of the warranty period hence, make sure to read the warranty carefully, before agreeing to it. If the first home buyer keeps these facts in mind, it will definitely make the whole process, move smoother!

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