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Statues & sculptures are amazing and spectacular form of fine arts, which are creative skills and polished work of the artisans, which enables designers to touch the high sky of ornamentation while designing the interior spaces as well as at the exteriors! Accommodate them in those vacant spaces which are starving for real beauty of art and polished skill. Placing of statues and sculptures is an art in itself. Therefore, check out these Statues and Figurines for Sale to ornate the interiors.

Tips For The Perfect Placement Of Statues & Sculptures.

1. Room size matters, as the installation of any small, big or medium size statue or sculpture depends completely on the scaling of the space.
2. Furniture placement, furniture size, texture, material does matter a lot. Sculpture and statues need to blend in completely with the present interior designs.
3. Formal and informal spaces have their own respective needs of specific kinds of sculpture and statues.
4. Placement of small size sculpture like laughing Buddha, angels and so on are perfectly suitable at the center tables of living room, corner tables of rooms, kid's room and family rooms.
5. Figure sculptures looks the best when placed at the entrance, bathroom spaces, living area vacant corners, big halls etc.
6. Always place statue facing sitting area in the room, unless placed at the entrance of the home.
Checkout roman statues
aphrodite of melos statues for sale Aphrodite of Melos Statue Louvre Museum, Paris. 200 B.C. Her graceful body symbolizes an ideal of beauty that many long for but none attain. The French named her the Venus of Milo. In 1820 a peasant named Yorgos found her broken body in an underground cavern on the Aegean island of Melos.

The Focal Point

Boost up the interiors with the perfect placement of fine art pieces. Sculpture by definition is 3-dimensional, so needs a space where one can walk around it. A successfully placed sculpture can become a focal point within a room or outdoor space.

Mix And Match

It's one of the best options when you aim at creating a vignette or sort of old world charm. The only thing one has to take care of is that they should suit the whole design of the project. They can also bring in the mix of the classic and the modern touch too.

Team It Up

Team the figurines with other accessories like throw pillows, glass bowls, candles anywhere, like on top of the tables, cabinets, book shelves, fireplaces or even one could use a separate stand to hold the bust and use it as the focal point of the of the room! These wonderful pieces of art will always adore the interiors as they have the power to bring life, brightness to any dull space. As space without art is a space meant as wasted therefore add figurines such as roman statue Rodin the Thinker Statue Fine Art Sculpture Male Nude Figure, Real Bronze Powder Cast 9-3/4 Inch This extremely detailed and well-made statue measures 9 & inches tall. Made with cold cast bronze, the definition and the intricate details of this piece are simply breathtaking. The special production process of this piece, originated from Great Britain, which would match the overall interior theme.

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