Interior Designing Trends & Ideas For The Tear 2014

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Welcome the new year with fresh and trendy interior designing ideas. It's the right time, to bring in some change in life, put up new resolutions, partying with friends and family, and time to knock out a few interior designing projects, to bring in a feel of refreshment to the space! Here are a few such refreshing Interior Design Ideas for homeowners to try out, to provide an uplifting boost of energy to the interiors!

Play With Colors

Add in spark to the space with the addition of vibrant colors in minor doses. For instance, add a dash of color to the furniture pieces, carpets, wall accessories and so on to bring in the lost liveliness.

Focus On The Formal Zone

With home office being an essential part of home these days, try to bring in twist by maintaining a balance between the formal look and the informal one with some modern trendy hanging seats or bean bags.

The Monochromatic Color

Try to bring in the feel of refreshment, by getting the walls painted! Instead of the neutral tones or combining the contrast shades, opt to play with tints and shades of same color. For instance, add in vibrant blue to highlight the walls and combine it with light blue floors and sanitary ware in white, to complete the look.

The Formal Zone

Time to give the commercial projects a makeover by adding in trendy lights with dramatic walls to create a unique look. Just a few and formal changes can bring in the new trends of “2014” and set up a designer space.

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