Garden In Mint Tin, Garden For Every Space!


If you like the idea of having a garden but don’t have space for one, it’s time to get creative. Gardens don’t need to be an elaborate display of plant life; they can be small, subtle, and suitable for the indoors.

Not only will creating an indoor mini garden become a great interior design element, but certain plants can also help freshen the air in your home. Here are some of the best garden ideas for every space.

Mint Tin Garden

Mint tin gardens have become increasingly popular in recent years. The combination of plant life with a collective love of all things miniature has made these gardening projects a hot trend.

To create a mint tin garden, you will need a mint tin, a drill, succulent-friendly soil, and seeds. For the plants to thrive, you’ll need something that has shallow roots— check My Seed Needs online for inspiration.

Remove the mint tin lid from the tray and drill a few drainage holes in the bottom. Place the tray into the lid to act as a saucer. Fill the planter with soil and plant your seeds according to the instructions on the package, and voila! It’s that easy.

Terrarium Garden

Terrarium gardens are a lovely alternative to the mint tin garden and offer more space. For this project, you will need loose dirt, river stones, seeds, and a terrarium or fishbowl.

Create a layer of river stones at the bottom of the terrarium to create drainage within the bowl— this should be at least an inch in depth. Then scoop in a few inches of soil and plant your seeds. For this type of garden, you’ll want plants that thrive on moisture and limited light. Ferns and forest cacti work well in these settings.

Picture Frame Garden

Living walls have become hugely popular in recent years. You can create one on a smaller scale using a picture frame and hanging your indoor garden on the wall. This project is a bit more hands-on and works best with pre-sprouted succulents rather than seeds.

Succulents are the best choice for a DIY living wall as they don’t require much water and thrive in a drier environment. Better Homes and Gardens has a great tutorial here.

Windowsill Garden

An indoor windowsill garden is perfect for growing fresh herbs and even vegetables. Fragrant herbs like rosemary, chives, basil, and parsley grow well in a windowsill. For vegetables, choose things that can handle some shade, like tomatoes, spinach, or peppers.

You can create a windowsill garden with anything from recycled containers to mason jars to small terracotta pots. Find something that fits and ensure that there’s adequate drainage to reduce the risk of over-watering.

If you have a southern facing window and live in a warm climate, the windowsill is perfect for sun-loving plants like aloe.


Whether you want to plant vegetables or green plants, you can create a whole garden landscape in a single pot. Choose a few sprigs or seeds of your chosen plants, find comprehensive guide on container gardening for beginners online, and get creative— add a stepping stone path, miniature bench, and a bonsai tree for a realistic mini garden.

A garden-in-a-pot is also excellent for creating a fairy garden. Add a touch of whimsy and magic with a repurposed birdhouse. Add stones and moss to make it look like a long-forgotten country cottage. Bring it all together with some twinkle lights for a magical display that’s sure to become a conversation piece in your home.

Get Creative

You can make miniature gardens in almost anything. Swap out your mint tin for a teacup for a beautiful Mother’s Day gift. Repurpose empty soda bottles to make a hanging window garden that catches the light and brings the room to life.

When it comes to creating a mini garden, the only limit is your imagination.


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