Growing Family? Extend Your Home to Keep Up


Growing your family means you're going to need more space and functionality. Although moving to a bigger house is an option, you can also just stay where you are and build an addition. This allows you to spread out without having to deal with buying a new house and executing a move. But how exactly do you extend your home to keep up with your growing family? Here are a few ways that are guaranteed to help.

Add a bathroom

The biggest problem growing families face is finding space for extending their home. If you don't have plenty of space in your backyard, chances are you're facing the same problem. If your budget allows it, extending vertically is probably the best idea. If not, what you can do is add a tiny bathroom to your home. Although the project won't cost much and won't require much space, it'll be a real lifesaver once new members of your family arrive. If you don't believe it, just do some research online and you'll see that the struggle is real for one-bathroom families.

Renovate the attic

This classic space-expanding renovation is still a perfect option for growing families. If you have children who want their own space or another one on the way, giving your attic a new look can turn out to be an amazing idea. Just have in mind that you don't necessarily need to turn your attic into a room for your children. Instead, you can move your office or entertainment area to the attic and turn one of your rooms into space for your children. There are companies that specialize in attic conversions and turning to one of them is a great idea.

Extend vertically

As mentioned earlier, extending vertically is one of the best ways to make sure your home fits the needs of your growing family. It gives you a chance to add as many rooms as you need and makes it easier for all family members to enjoy spending time inside. This means you could finally have space for that rec room you've always wanted. Just remember that adding a second storey is a large project and you need to plan it in advance. Turning to a company that specialises in second storey additions is also recommended.

Build a family room in your basement

If you don't use your basement that often, turning it into a family room is recommended. Big families usually need a large space where they can hang out and chances are your basement fits the description. With just a few tweaks here and there, you could turn it into a perfect family room. Just don't forget that you might need to invest in a ventilation system to keep the air fresh and eliminate moisture. If your basement is spacious enough, consider getting a large screen TV and turning the place into a home theatre.

Open the space

Open floor spaces are extremely popular at the moment. Not only this but they're also a perfect option for large families looking to spend more time together. The best part of it is that by replacing walls with columns and beams, you also get more storage and make the entire place look bigger. In case you opt for this solution, it might be a good idea to use rugs and furniture to designate areas in your open space. You can use storage ottomans to save even more space.

Over to you

There are so many options in front of you when extending your home and it's all about identifying the one that suits your needs the best. Consider the five ways covered in this post and you might just be able to find a solution to make your home fit your growing family.

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