Perfect Bathroom Vanities for Petite Women


Now, if you are a bit on the short side, it is essential that you equip your home with furniture that is just right for you. And this includes the bathroom as well. After all, girls need to have their bathroom time perfectly planned out. From the size of the tube to the mirror height, a petite woman knows how important all of these are. So just to help you out a bit, here are the ideal bathroom vanities suggestions that will complement any short girl's apartment.

Let's talk dimensions

When you are discussing the different options for installing various vanities in your bathroom you need to stress to your construction crew how high is high enough. So, look for toilets, baths, and showers that will be just the right height for you. That way you can get in and out easily, and sit comfortably, after all bathroom is all about feeling relaxed and you shouldn't be a professional three just to jump into your own bathtub. In addition, when deciding what goes where, make sure you get a quality heater so that you can have hot water as soon as possible. There are trusted companies like Rapid Hot Water, that will provide you with the best possible options for your bathroom design.

Make sure you can reach each and every element

Yes, size matters when it comes to essentials like the toilet and the bathtub, but it is also important with your mirrors and storage options. You don't want to be bringing in a school or a small ladder each time you need to get a clean towel. So, make sure that your closet and shelf arrangements are such that you can reach everything you need without straining yourself too much. And as for the mirror, a woman's best friend, it needs to be perfectly positioned so that you can comfortably stand when you are performing your beautification procedures, and not tiptoe around just so you can pluck that one last eyebrow.

Don't over clutter

This might seem like a redundant thing to say, but when renovating we tend to go overboard. Everything looks so new and shiny and we simply want it all. But that is never a good idea, you want to be able to move around as much a possible without running into things. So, when getting new vanities make sure you check out the depth as well so that you have enough space in-between to get around even when wrapped in a towel. The same rules apply to your walls and shelves. Elegant tiles can be enough you don't need to add anything else to the bathroom wall, but if you choose to put tiles just halfway and have the upper part empty than a simple painting or two can fit nicely, some themes that go well with the design and the room itself. Finally, when it comes to shelves, if you are a neat freak than open shelving can look amazing with neatly folded towels, but on the other hand, you can simply have cupboards so that you don't have to fold each towel perfectly.

You are the one cleaning the bathroom

Yes, yes as if you had to be reminded of it, well you are. So, make sure that everything you decide to install is within your reach not just to use but also to clean. Have a perfectly accessible space for all your cleaning gear and get longer poles for those higher areas that you will have to cover like the shower doors or ceiling corners. It is important that you take your size into consideration with everything you do regarding bathroom decor and practicality, but also when it comes to maintain the perfect hygiene levels, having an ideal bathroom that you can not clean regularly is definitely not a smart option unless you want to spend a lot of money on hiring someone to do it for you.

These are just some of the things to keep in mind when deciding on the perfect bathroom vanities for a woman who is a bit on the shorter side. But hey, as long as you make it work for you it is all that matters.


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