Kerala Architecture - Blend Of Traditionalism & Modernity

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Kerala is better known for simplicity and scenic aura, but by passing time, one can get the glimpse of changing trends in every nook and corner.From culture to architecture a blend of both traditionalism and modernity can be perceived.
Check out a few of the places and the role of design and architecture.
So lets start with The House Boat. When one thinks of trips to Kerala, the first things that strike minds of many are the houseboat stay. Well, who doesn't want to experience the stay in a house that too on water! Special attention is given to the interiors.They are available in various sizes, from one bedroom to four, traditional design to contemporary, the choice is all yours! How about a trip with your family to enjoy the eternal beauty or with your partner to enjoy the sunset!

Thoughtfully designed by keeping in mind the taste of tourists.

A mix of both traditional and modern for those who prefer to enjoy both in bits and pieces.The roof and the coconut trees liven up the traditional feel whereas the rest of the structure and the tiled pathway brings in the modern outlook!Enjoy the resort and the spa within.An ideal place to unwind and rejuvenate oneself.

Tree House

Tired with the city life, the crowd, the hustle-bustle then you should definitely try getting into one of these.Surrounded by greenery and peace the tree house gives you a feel of nature.As natural materials (wood) is used for the construction it provides the warmth required.

Marine Drive

Shopping, hanging out with friends is what you looking for,then what could be a better place than a view with waterfront!Kerala is not just about nature.The high raised buildings is also becoming part of this place, just like any other city. Elevation designs are worked on in detail for achieving both perfect exterior as well as interior views. And the sun enhances the view by giving the right amount of golden touch.Enjoy the space with mug of coffee, friends and music.


Planning for a romantic getaway with candle lit around an open space with waterfront ? What can be better than this location! The right amount of light just sets the mood. Different themes are set and the furniture's are changed according to the occasions.
So its up to you to decide which location to opt for. A location close to nature or a location with metro touch!

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