Things to Consider When Buying a Beach House


There are so many advantages to owning a beach house, ranging from having an amazing family home, a great vacation house or a valuable rental property. Still, how good this particular piece of real estate is on any of these functions mostly depends on the amount of research that you’ve invested in picking the right piece of property. With that in mind, here are several things that you need to consider when buying a beach house that will take you one step closer to getting exactly what you need.

The sea level

The fact that the sea level is rising isn’t necessarily the thing that you have to worry about unless you’re living in a coastal area or, in this particular situation, planning to buy a coastal house. What you need to consider is not just the fact that it’s safer for your house to be as far above the sea level as possible but the idea that, in some areas, you’ll end up paying more in taxes if this is not the case. In general, the rule is about 14 feet above sea level.

Square footage 

The reason why square footage is so important is due to the fact that A) a square foot costs substantially more when it comes to the beach house and B) it’s an objective metric. What we mean by this is the fact that your perception of the place may be affected by the layout, the color or even the patio area. This may trick you into being willing to pay substantially more than you should. Other than this, you need to take some objective metrics into consideration in order to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

The location

The issue of location is far more relevant than it may appear to be at the moment. Why? Well, because for a lot of people, the very term beach house may sound like something that takes care of this aspect. After all, it’s on the beach and this is definitely a location so… Well, this is incredibly inefficient. There are so many other considerations regarding the location like the proximity to some other services or location, as well as the reputation of the beach in question. You also need to look for a platform that has the exact location that you have in mind, in the offer. For instance, Sydneysiders will most likely want to look for an agency that offers houses for sale on Northern Beaches.


Keep in mind that in order to fully enjoy your beach house, you’ll need to invest in a lot of equipment like bikes, beach chairs, even surfboards. This means that you will need some extra storage room, which is yet another thing you need to consider. So, make sure to turn this into one of your first priorities. Remember, you don’t need a basement in order to have enough storage space, seeing as how some of these items are cool enough to be displayed even in the living room.

Your friends and relatives

As soon as the word gets out that you have a beach house, people you haven’t met in ages will remember to ask you how you’re doing. Several minutes into the conversation, they might subtly suggest that they’ll come and visit you. Needless to say, while this may not seem like that big of a deal at the moment, it definitely is something worth thinking about.

Rental capacities

Beach houses are in demand and vacation rental properties have an insane ROI. Nonetheless, the cost of maintenance, the risk of vacancy and the risk of property damage can be substantial. On the other hand, the bulk of this can be mitigated by renting the place out exclusively to vacationing families. Just keep in mind that managing vacation rentals tends to be somewhat more dynamic.


When buying a beach house, you’re buying a lifestyle and this is exactly what your real estate agents will be aiming at. Maybe they’ll schedule your visit to be around the time of the sunset or make an attempt at a similar trick in order to make you fall in love with the house and make an emotional rather than a rational decision. This, on the other hand, is one of the biggest financial decisions that you’ll make, which is why you need to take a careful approach to this issue. This list is supposed to give you a chance to do that, seeing as how it gives you numerous objective metrics that you can use to make a decision.


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