Small Kitchen Update: Getting More for Less


Since you've probably already heard the phrase that the kitchen is the heart of every home, you might find yourself feeling anxious if you don't have a huge kitchen space where you can house even your extended family. Jokes aside, having a small kitchen is actually not as bad as it may sound.

With just some careful planning and by going with some interesting design tips and tricks, you'll be able to make your small kitchen shine and sizzle. If you're not sure how check some of these ideas out.

Scale it down

The most common mistake people make when designing a small kitchen is trying to stuff everything you can find in a large kitchen in such a small space. Simply put, when styling a small kitchen, you need to be well aware of the space you have at your disposal. Just because you may wish to have a kitchen island, that doesn't mean you actually have room for one. So, instead of trying to cram everything you want to have in your kitchen, go for the things you actually can have.

Choose colors carefully

When it comes to the color choice, the best course of action would, of course, be to go with light neutral shades. The simple fact is that these hues are excellent at making your space look brighter and bigger, which is precisely what you want to achieve in your kitchen. Now, if you'd rather go with some other color, you can do so but make sure you go with light hues with a warm undertone, to make your kitchen look more inviting. Finally, you can add even more color with a fun backsplash and colorful kitchen decor pieces and accessories.

Go for a rustic vibe

Another useful tip when decorating a small kitchen would be to mix and match materials that will give it an additional note of charm. This is most easily achieved by going with a rustic vibe, especially if you have decided to go with white or off-white walls. For instance, go with wooden kitchen cabinets with a warm undertone, and install a beautiful double Butler Sink to enhance the rustic vibe. For a touch of modern, you can add brass faucets and lighting fixtures that will enhance the visual warmth of the space, or you can choose to match these with the finish of your appliances. So, if you have inox appliances go with stainless-steel instead of brass.

Open it up

Another way you can make your kitchen more stylish and even enhance its functionality, you can choose to literally open the space up. On the other hand, if the open space concept doesn't really appeal to your aesthetic, you can choose to tear down a half of a single wall to create a bar of sorts which you can even use as a breakfast of diner area. By opening up this part of your kitchen, you will automatically make it feel less cramped and claustrophobic. Not only that, but you will also be letting more natural light in, which is very important, especially in areas such as the kitchen.

Install proper lighting

As already mentioned, having proper lighting in your kitchen is of the utmost importance. Since this area is filled with sharp objects and hot food, you need to make sure you have enough lighting in it to be able to maneuver the space without any difficulties. Therefore, aside from the overhead lighting fixture, you should also consider installing some task lighting as well. These will enable you to have enough illumination when preparing meals and chopping food, which will significantly reduce the possibility of any mishaps. Finally, if you decide to open a part of your kitchen up, you will have more natural light which will reduce the need to use artificial lighting. This will, in turn, reduce both your electricity bill and your household's carbon footprint.

Therefore, just because your kitchen is small, that doesn't mean that you can't create a beautiful environment both you and your family can enjoy. Get creative with storage and decor, choose the appropriate colors for the area and always work with the space you have, not the space you wish you did.


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