How to upload multiple images under Catalog?


To upload multiple images, login into your profile at

1. Go to "My Spaces" ->"Add Spaces" ->
2. Click "+" button, which will allow you to add your post, under "Projects" or "Ideas" or "Catalog".
3. Select Catalog, then click on the "Square Box"
4."Choose file", it will show a green bar, which means the image has been uploading to the system.
5.Click on "Return Post" to check the image.
6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 to add more images.

Click on “Choose File “ (click on the image, that you prefer to upload)

Progress – Wait till it shows a green bar (it shows that the image is being uploaded).

The file name of the image will appear right above the “RETURN TO POST” bar. Which means the image has successfully been uploaded.

Click on “Return To Post”

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