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I thought of writing this post, as this is the demand of today's lifestyle. As more and more people are working from home, which means we need to have a room or area in the house which we can call as office or an extension of office for working professionals who work late hours and weekends!
The idea is not new, only the circumstances of work has changed.
Let's dwell into, what all we need, to focus on, for a cozy yet practical home office.

Well, first and foremost is our regular office needs, such as, have a phone, office supply, proper Internet connection, etc. The strength of signals is very important for your home office work. Which means the router, modem and all those devices should be close to your office room.
Which implies, choose the location of your home office close to these equipments.
Another very important thing to remember for location is, the noise from the rest of the house. Make sure your room is not close to the family room, kitchen and kids rooms.
Well, that is challenging part, but there is a solution to that as well. If possible have installed a noise proof door and windows in this room.
Once you have decided on the location of the room in the house. It is time to decorate the room with correct furniture.
Check out Office cubicle design.

There are many types of Home Office Desks available in the stores. Choose those, which can fit in your budget. I would not compromise on the office desk, for one thing, make sure the height and width fits in your room, and you should have left with at least 3/4 to 1/2 of the room space for other furniture such as cabinets for storing your important documents, sofa or chair printer table and so on.
As the size of computers has shrunk, we are left with lots of room for keeping an office supply on the table itself. You may organize these office supplies by hanging wall shelves. Which can save you a great deal of floor space.

Next comes the selection of wall paint color. It is important to select a color of your choice as you are going to spend most of your time in this room. I would suggest if you are not sure of the color, go with light color shades like beige, pastel green or very light blue.

Best part of home office, is you can decorate this room with your own style, awesome isn't it? You may add a nice flower vase with fresh or plastic/silk flowers, plants, mirror, some motivational quotes, painting, anything that can inspire you to move you up the ladder of success in your career.
One last thing I would add is, if you are left with some room, an extra chair or small sofa. It is perfect for your coffee break or entertain your work related visitors.

If you like this information, and if it has inspired you enough, please leave me a comment, or send a picture of your home office room. I would be happy to share it with our community.

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