Brand New Windowsill Ideas for Winter

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A window sill is basically a narrow shelf that is attached to the bottom of the window. Unfortunately, these areas of the homes are always left unattended. Hence, here are a few ideas mentioned, which homeowners can try out this winter, to give the windowsills of their home a fresh, brand look.

Construct A Reading Nook

If the ledges of the window sill is wide enough to hold a book, then one could easily create a small reading nook. Add pillows for comfort and maybe even a light for spending some lovely time in the evening as well.
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Create A Tiny Indoor Garden

Display some wonderful, delicate and bright, fresh flowers in small vases to ornate the window sill. You may also add tiny artifacts, glitter decorations on the windowsills for a colorful and a picture perfect look.

Herbs On The Kitchen Windowsill

A windowsill in a kitchen can be given a twist, by the addition of greenery in the form of kitchen herbs!
A smart and easy way to create an organic, natural spot right inside the home.

Decorate The Windowsill

Welcome this coming Christmas by adding Christmas accessories like hampers, jingle bells, champagne glasses onto the sill. And blend it well with a spectacular background of real snowflakes to complete the look.

Also creating the focal point on window sill spices up any room and gives the visitors a feel of festivity and warmness.

Lit Up The Window Sill

Keep the window sill cool with your decor and designs, but at the same time, do not forget to make the space look warm this winter with some candle lights or lanterns!

Though this tiny corner has always been ignored, but if utilized, this can provide the homeowners with various looks according to changing weather and the occasions. Therefore, get a fresh and cool window sill decor done during the summers by keeping flowers, dolls, soft toys, and alternatively give the decor a twist during the winters by adding candles and lanterns for the warmness.

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