Roofing Materials Which Are in Demand


Since roofing is a major investment of your home, you certainly don’t want to go it wasted. To make your roofing project successful and last longer, you need to have the know-how of all roofing materials which are highly demanded by rest of the homeowners. Once you understand the attributes of each demanded material, you would be in a better position to make a decision that is best suited to your personal needs. Here is a list of a few roofing materials which are in demand the most.

Clay Tiles

Homeowners across Greece and Spain have been using clay tiles for a while. Roofs with clay tiles are basically named as Spanish roofs. These tiles are cut in semicircle pattern and also have a flat permutation. People prefer them because of the unique and stylish look they give to their homes. Since everyone wants to make their home stand out, using clay tiles is one of the most effective ways to serve the purpose. Moreover, the durability and longevity of this material perfectly prove why these tiles are being used extensively for so many years.

Architectural Shingles

These are normal asphalt shingles which are placed on the roofs in many layers. Manufacturers overlay them to provide your roof with better longevity and durability. Its aesthetic is quite different from a single layer of asphalt shingles. If you choose this roofing material for your roof, make sure to hire the services of renowned Ann Arbor roofing contractors who use their expertise to provide you with proper format and pattern of asphalt shingles. You can make your roofer cut the shingles in a way you want by using your own aesthetic sense. The more unique shapes you get, the better your roof would look. Since they are a little more expensive than normal asphalt shingles, they also provide with 50-year life expectancy facing the extreme weather conditions meanwhile. So, it is undoubtedly one of the best investments you would ever make.

Wood Shingles

This roofing material is very important to give your roof a bright texture. People have been using it for such a long time period. And for today use, it is made in a way to provide with the mixture of tradition and modern sense. If you really want to enjoy the curb appeal of your roof by installing wood shakes or shingles on your roof, make sure that you get them installed by a professional.

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles are used by homeowners more often because of its accumulated advantages of both metal roof and asphalt shingles. These shingles are not only to increase the curb appeal of your home, but also to give structural longevity and durability to your roof. The other plus point it has is its low maintenance requirements. Once you get these metal shingles installed with proper care and attention, more than half of your roof job is done. Now, you can sit back and enjoy different weathers in your beautiful home.

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