Bathroom Remodelling – Top 5 Tips


Weather big or small, a bathroom renovation can become a costly business. Still, there are many budget-friendly modifications you can do that sum up to a beautifully remodelled bathroom. While some of these ideas require professional plumbing and tiling services, most of them cater to DIY enthusiasts.

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Easy way to a new floor

Whoever has tried to remove old tile or vinyl floor knows how time-consuming and delicate the operation can turn out. There is, however a much simpler way. Instead of removing the covering, underlayment and the subfloor, remove just the first two layers. By setting a circular saw blade to a small depth you’ll be able to cut only through the covering and the underlayment, which is usually a thin plywood layer. While you still have to install a new underlayment, ¼ inch plywood or cement board is cheap and the reward is a stunning new tiled surface. Another benefit is that you get to replace the old underlayment that is usually damaged around the toilet.

Shower shelving

In-shower storage is always welcome. Having the shampoo, soap, razors and other body care items close at hand saves you from splashing around the bathroom as you are trying to reach for them. However, you deserve better than those plastic hanging things or cheap shelves that attach to water pipes. It is a far better to take the time and visit a well-stocked bathroom warehouse where you can find quality shelving that will pass the test of time.
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Decorate with tiles

You want new tiles but don’t know where to start. Browse through inspiring tile galleries at Pinterest and save interesting photos on your phone. This way you can have them at hand when you visit your local home depot store. Reversely, take photos of what you like at the store so you can breed even more ideas when you get online. Mosaic or glass tiles are attractive but expensive. Luckily, you don’t need a lot of those to create accents. Using more interesting designs as a border or in prominent places can give the whole bathroom more character.

Tip: Smaller tiles mean more grout spaces, which translates to less slippery floor.

A new light on bathroom

One of mysteries of humanity is why people end up with either dim or very focused light source in a room where they need to visually inspect their face and body. Even if you have a strong light on the ceiling, you inevitable put your face into the shadow when you stand before the mirror. No bathroom remodelling can go around the light fixtures. Recessed lights are a great option for the ceiling, while mirror sconces or light bars will change the way you see yourself after a refreshing shower.

Buy a rewarding piece

One improvement after another, and your budget-friendly bathroom remodelling can easily turn into a budget-devouring nightmare. The key is to cut costs whenever possible or reasonable. There are several ways to achieve this. For example, move as little plumbing as you can, instead of buying new, look for salvaged pieces of furniture and trawl eBay and Craigslist for leftovers. People often buy more materials then they need and then look to get rid of the extra for small money. If you manage to save money this way, you can treat yourself with a rewarding piece like one of the marvellous baths made of stone that will give you many relaxing moments.

Maybe the hardest part of a bathroom remodelling project is waiting for it to be over so you can prepare that bubbly bath. Remember that home improvement centres have limited selection of bathroom furniture, and special orders can take weeks to deliver. Don’t hesitate to turn to online sources as well as local independent suppliers.

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