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Sunshine yellow brings the brightness to any decor. And if added with shades of blue or grey accents, it brings the calmness to the interiors. I have collected some inspirational designs with these beaming colors. These are practical decorations which can be done easily with little budget.
These zig-zag pattern of blue and yellow, on the wall, by adding the wooden boxed wall panel, is adding a wonderful character in the room. These colors have subdued the boldness of this leather sofa, and brought the tranquility to overall interiors. Check out Living room sofa from Wayfair!

Subtle use of blue in this sophisticated and cozy bedroom, is complete contrast to the yellow and white painted wall continuing the same pattern on the ceiling, makes this bedroom absolutely charming suite for a couple.

The use of turquoise, shades of blue and green, brings such a tranquil yet inspiring for a growing up kid's room. The use of sheen blue curtain create the perfect ambience for students study cum bedroom. Don't miss the wall decor shades, which is uplifting the spirit of this room.

Baby's nursery room, a room to bond between mom and baby. Just like the miraculous smile of the babies, the shades are smiling at you. Sunny yellow wall with the simple art in blue on the wall, is just adorable. The furniture in yellow and blue is complementing the decor of the room.

Well the colors are one of the nature's best creation, and if the natural light thru the passage of glass window, breaks into the colors of your choice, that is human's creation. This glass window is one such example. Once again the shades of blue and yellow is adding the drama in this room.

Lovely yellow and grey accents on the background of a bed.

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