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Small spaces and high prices is one of the most common problems in the urban environment. So my target here is to furnish you all with a practical as well as reasonable ideas to adapt your small apartment to different needs.
Before you jump into a conclusion of stating small apartments tacky, think over it! Small is cozy and easy as well! Doesn't that mean less to clean, cheaper to maintain and last but not the least, less to furnish? So small is perfect! Simply keep it composed and don't stuff it, like what you normally do with the wardrobe.
Let's start with the

Living Room

So lets start with the first room that one faces after entering. If you are lucky enough to have a huge window or a balcony attached, place the furniture near it. The beautiful view drags the whole attention.
Buy furniture that fits the scale of the apartment and of course with dual purpose. For example - Sofa is part of every living room, but how about a sofa cum bed. And an ottoman is cozy, but an ottoman with storage is even better.
Try to keep the space clutter free. Light colors make the small living look larger, but that doesn't mean one cannot play with colors! You can even experiment with colors on fabrics like curtains, rugs, cushion covers and carpets. And its quiet, easy to change hues when you get bored, after all it won't cost you as much painting will do.

Dining Area

In most small apartments, dining area is either attached to the living or the kitchen. The kitchen counter has been outlined insightfully in such a way, that the counter can be utilized as a breakfast nook table. Opt for round tables instead of rectangular ones. Place wall arts and add hues to the corner, to bring the vibe of a separate zone. Moreover, neutral color along with the blend of any other color or texture, gives a cozy feel to the space.
Small Space Furniture


Open kitchen is the best idea for small apartments. It doesn't bring in the "match box" feel. Light colored cabinets give a clutter free spacious feel and adding the right type of lighting enhances the whole look of the mini kitchen as well. The most important thing to note is, try to keep the platform clear from utensils. Place things back, to create an organized kitchen. Clear view actually makes the space look larger than it is!


When it comes to bedroom designing, try to opt for bed with under storage, as wardrobe won't be just enough! To include some color in the room, why not try adding up wallpaper with large patterns behind the headboard! Keep the walkways free. Don't over do by placing side tables, if you don't have enough space.
Try out these simple ideas to give your home a stylish look.

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