Top 5 Dormer Roof Inspirational Ideas


Dormer roofs are in trend since the 16th century. People love dormer roofs because they make your house look amazing and because of all the advantages that they provide. If you are wondering what a dormer roof is, it is basically a roof that contains a window. Yes, you can have more than one window on your roof too. That window is also called as rooftop window. There are many types of dormer windows that you can go for while building your house. One of the biggest advantages of having a dormer roof is extra space. You can turn that space into a storage room, an attic or even a small room; the dormer room would definitely be a room with a beautiful outside view. Natural lightening is a plus for the dormer room. Apart from all of the advantages that dormer roof offers, they make any house look amazingly beautiful. You have made a great decision if you have decided on dormer roof as your new house’s roof. Now, you just need to find a good roofing contractors Canton Michigan so that they can build you a strong roof. Here are some types of dormer roof for your inspirations. This is an amazing idea that you can follow for your new roof. It is a simple gable roof with four dormer windows. You can use any roofing material for this roof to be made. Slate, tiles or metal shake tiles would also give it a beautiful look. Here is another classic inspiration for a dormer roof. These types of dormer roods give a very modern yet traditional look to the house. So; if you love a traditional house, this dormer roof idea is best for you. There are many things that you can do with your dormer roof for it to look unique. This roof is a simple gable roof with two dormer rooms which have separate gable shelter that gives the whole roof a beautiful look. Shed and Gable roof is one amazing roof style that you can go for. Adding dormer windows will make it look even more attractive. If you are thinking of building something like this. This house have four dormer rooms, it means you are going have a lot of extra space in your house. Here is an idea for all the people who want a unique dormer roof. This is a shed dormer style roof. You will not see many of these styled roofs, so if you are looking for something that unique and beautiful; this shed dormer roof idea is best for you. Last but not the least is this beautiful dormer roof idea. It is a simple gable roof that is made with tiles. You can build up a huge dormer window separately, sheltering it with another gable roof shed. You can use any kind of roofing material that you like for this roof; or you can also make a combination of one or two kinds of roofing types to make it look even more attractive.

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