How to Make Your Living Room Cozier


Living room is a chameleon space. It can fulfill several functions at once and it can be rearranged and altered according to one’s mood. While some broad-stroke changes - such as repainting the walls and redoing the floors - might require thorough investment of time and money, certain minute hacks and tricks can go a long way if you want to make it more welcoming. With that in mind, here’s how to make your living room cozier, especially if you just moved into your new house for rent.
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Greenery makes all the difference

Potted greenery is one of the easiest hacks for making your living room comfier. If they are voluminous enough they will add a sense of lushness to every space. The only thing that should worry you is whether the plant gets enough sunlight to survive. Since they are usually placed in tight corners to “fill in” the gaps, the sunlight factor tends to be overlooked. This can be somewhat ameliorated by researching which of the interior plants are most robust.

Go with organic colors

Some steely pastel nuances can have a calming effect, but they also have that lifeless, detached aura about them. You can embrace nature’s gentle hues by going with soft green pastels and hard furniture made of stained wood. Creamy lime shades combined with warmer colors of wood can, for example, truly rest your eyes as you settle into your favorite armchair. This range of textures also meshes well with the aforementioned potted greenery, creating a serene organic layout.
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A centerpiece should be something mesmerizing

If you want to arrange a more comfortable living room, find a better focal point than your television screen. Each living room consists of, at the very least, a singular island of furniture which is tied together by a centerpiece. For space that feels more balanced and calming, find a mesmerizing focal point - for example, a fireplace.

But wait, aren’t fireplaces eco-unfriendly? If you want to reduce your household’s carbon footprint, look into comprehensive buying guides for best electric fireplaces that will give you a broad idea of the most elegant and stylish designs in this field. Electrical fireplaces have become quite mainstream due to their conveniently luxurious and eco-friendly appeal.

Like sitting on clouds…

Plush furniture is the way to go if you want to simulate comfort. Don’t choose your sofa based solely on style - it should also be a spot you can “sink into” and even fall asleep. You know you have chosen the most comfortable sofa if you have napped for at least two hours on it and you have woken up without any back pain.

You can also add to the overall comfort of your sofa and the surrounding armchairs with (at least) two layers of airy pillows. An eclectic assembly of bright pillows of disparate patterns can really add a sense of fresh aesthetic to your living room. You can go a step further and replace your coffee tables with oversized ottomans. Just place an appropriate, hard surface on top of it, and you have a piece of furniture that has two alternating roles, depending on the number of guests you plan to host.

Bookshelves and art pieces

Books ooze with a comfortable quality that is hard to define. If you decide to wrap your entire living room with bookshelves, you’ll get a truly cozy chamber with an undeniable calming quality. Furthermore, your room will also look like a depository of knowledge - maybe it’s the association with the ever-silent libraries. Add a bold art piece or two to the proceedings, and you have a comfortable living room to die for!

Your living room is a reflection of your domestic goals. If you’ve put some thought into arranging it, it embodies the idea of what you find to be homely and comfortable. Since it is generally regarded as a multi-purpose room, it will also say a lot about your life goals and your social demeanor. The overarching message of this is that there are no wrong answers. While kitchen, bathroom and bedroom have to fulfill a very specific primary function, what makes a living room cozy is in the eye of the beholder. Generally accepted tips and tricks are just tools that should help you get there.


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