Dining Room Design in Parisian Style


Let the family gather into a lavish banquet with an everyday holiday like ambiance through this versatile and avant-garde style dining room interior design. It is enclosed by a picture window in rose gold beveled metal frame that offers a one-of-a-kind dining treat as it takes advantage of the panoramic view of the double-height foyer and further accompanied by a symmetrical sliding pocket glass door with a fascinating monogram handle as a decorative charm and owner’s initial and stamp to the home design similar to royal cypher practice of the 14th century. The interior décor features glass installation that wonderfully reflects the beauty of external realm including the alcoves, walls of whimsical backlit onyx, refreshing flower bouquets and playful cluster lighting fixtures that not only stimulates the eyes but together with the exterior mood creates a dramatic and multifaceted character into home interior. Completing the Parisian dining room design are Meridiani contemporary furniture set on an aqua brown hand knotted area rug bounded by a decorative border of light blue and black marquina natural stone. Accent of blue gray color among the furnishing exudes coziness while a Baccarat crystal chandelier provides the dazzling and opulent glow. Love our design ideas? Visit www.ionsdesign.com | info@ionsdesign.com | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE

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