Villa Interior Design – Bedroom Design Ideas for Young Girls


May it be a little girl or a young lady, the theme of Disney films never outgrew a child’s heart. With this in mind, IONS Design team develops a mademoiselle bedroom design that has its signature timeless elegance with a twist of playful and adventurous character. Creativity and whimsical vibe empowers the room as a unique bed of hot air balloon theme were integrated in the interior decoration. It is further combined with French classic style furniture in subtle grey accentuated with furnishings in shots of a bit vibrant palette as in pastel pink and rose quartz to brighten up the room, match the young ones’ high energy and still maintain the sweet and gentle appeal of room design concept. The room interior architecture in timeless Neo-classical interior design style harmonious to the entire home design has a great deal of versatility as it ensures that it has enough functional spaces for sleeping, studying and playing. Notice that our expert interior designer opted for ceilings and walls of simple classic ornament covered in off- white shade to equipped design flexibility so that in later years when the young lass grow up, the bed can be replace with a flora and folio theme and instantly the room will transform into a glamorous princess like bedroom without having much room or home renovation. Want more of our design ideas? Visit | | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE

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