When to replace your roof shingles


To nip the evil in the bud is important so that it doesn’t cause bigger destruction. When you have installed a new roof you take very good care of it since you know about the expenses involved in actually getting it installed and you don’t wish to go through that anytime soon. But as time passes the magnitude of your care diminishes and it is during this time that things get bad. Now replacing a few shingles is relatively less pricey than replacing the whole roof but not every time can the problem be fixed by just replacing the shingle. The damage starts from one shingle and if unattended it takes the entire roof with it. Here are some of the signs to look for which tell you that it is the time to replace the shingle if not things can get really ugly.  


If the shingles start to either curl or claw that means they need to be replaced. The main reason behind this condition is either the excessive heat in the area or probably because the shingle has served its purpose that is its life is now complete. The shingle in this condition is prone to damage by ice or wind uplift. The shingles if left to be will become rigid and thus will easily break. It is thus better to replace them.

Bare Spots:

The most common reason behind this is the wrong placement while installation. If the waterfall effect is generated that means the granules of the roof will often be washed away which will leave bare spots in various areas. Seldom is the reason of the aging of the roof. It is obvious that there will be wear and tear with time and that will mean bare spots will appear due to the loss of the granules. When the first layer of the protective granule is lost the hardness of the shingle increases due to the sun exposure. This will mean faster aging and this decay in the shingle can then become an easier way for the water to enter the roof and we all know how much damage water can cause.  


Now this is common sense that if a shingle breaks from any point it is important to replace that shingle since if that isn’t done water can enter through the empty space. If the shingle is missing from the roof it will mean lesser stability and replacement is must in this case. Both the conditions result due to either some physical damage or due to high winds in that area.  


This is the deformation of the shingle shape. The flat shape is distorted in a wave like way. These type of shingles are prone to be damaged by ice and wind and through either can be torn apart. Buckling shingles usually occur due to two reasons, either the installment was done poorly or the roof has aged a lot. In either of the above cases get your roof shingle replaced. To get that done for you contact roofing contractors Plymouth Michigan.

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