Making your Roof Strong


Anyone would agree that roof is something that needs to be strong as it protects the people living inside from many natural calamities. It cannot be overlooked or done in a way that leaves it in a flimsy condition. You need to make it strong with materials available in the market in order to remain safe during harsh weather conditions. A roof does cost most than any other construction work you do in the house. But the catch is your roof would last longer. An average roof lasts for at least 20 years. If you have chosen strong and good materials for your roof, your roof can last for 100 years too, that of course with some maintenance. The maintenance required can also be cut down to minimum if you repair any problem that comes immediately. It is mistakenly thought that when you repair 4-5 things together for roofing, it costs less. In fact it can cost you more when you wait and delay to fix it. Fixing any issues immediately is a good way to keep your roof strong and standing. There are many materials available in the market that is a good option to make your roof strong. Wood, metal, asphalt, slate, and shingle materials can make your roof strong. Out of these, wood and metal are considered strongest. They last more too. Metal is more convenient as it can be recycled again, that way it is environment friendly. If you are looking for inexpensive ways to make your roof stronger, try elastomeric painting. These types of paints expand the lifespan of the roof. They do not cost much either. These types of paints can keep away moisture from entering your roof. Your roof would remain dry for months. They also prevent getting cracks on the roof for months. Elastomeric painting also makes your roof waterproof. That way water cannot harm it. Another way of making your roof strong is adding EPDM rubber on your roof. It is one of the cheapest and effective ways to make your roof stronger. They are fairly simple to install. They can be found at any market. They are very cheap, they cost only 0.80$ per square foot. They come mostly in the color black, but if you search well, you may also find few other light color. In that case, the price tag would go up. These are few tricks of making your roof strong and standing for years. But there is no alternative to proper maintenance. If you do not take care of your roof, no matter what materials you have used, it will soon decay. Proper maintenance means, from downspouts to flashings, gutter, gutter guard, chimney, everything needs to be well inspected every now and then. Make a routine of how and when you would inspect each item. If you think it is not a one man job, then do call up roofing contractors Canton Michigan (5860 N. Canton Rd Suite 356, Canton, MI 48187) and let them inspect the roof.

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