Thinking of Having a Skylight?


A Skylight is basically a glassed window on your roof that will allow you to enjoy sunshine from your bed, watching the moon on a moonlit night and how it is accompanied with the stars, watching beautiful snow light clouds etc. All that can be enjoyed without stepping out of your room, that sounds definitely extravagant and everyone would want that feeling. A skylight does have many appeals but it has few draw backs too. Like every rose have a thorn, now you need to decide if this is worth overlooking that minor little cons skylights may have! Let’s begin with the good side,


Skylight above everything is very fashionable. It looks very futuristic. It looks like a house from 10 years ahead of time! You see all those houses in the architectural magazines and wonder if you could ever get a skylight in your house. You can get in touch with roofing contractors Ann Arbor and see if they can suggest something within your budget.

Exposure to sunshine:

Can you think of the time of waking up with sunshine coming from your roof and waking you up! This is a good feeling everyone would like to have. A skylight is good during the daylight as you do not need to switch on the lights in the house as the room would be already well lit with the sunshine.

Saving electricity Bills:

A skylight does save up electricity bills as you do not need to turn on the lights during the day time in the house. There is no light that can compete with the sun light. Anything natural is far too better than manmade things, everyone would agree.

Fresh air:

A skylight also brings in fresh air. You can open the skylight any time you want and make your room cool during a breezy weather. You can close it if you think it is becoming too cold or hot. Now for the cons,


Installing a skylight is very costly. It is in fact out of any middle class man’s budget. A middle class person would have to work very hard to install a skylight in their house.


A skylight is prone to leaking during heavy rain fall and storm. Even if your skylight is very costly and installed perfectly, many people have found leakage around the skylights edges during heavy rain fall and storm.

Roof Damage:

A skylight eventually causes roof damage and decays. You may not notice it while it is happening, but gradually a skylight will cause several roof damages if it is not monitored properly.

Interior Damage:

A skylight can damage the interior of the house too. All of it cannot be noticed with the bare eye. You need expert’s help in order to detect the problem right at the beginning. That is why a roof with a skylight should be monitored by professionals more often. Now the choice is yours. You have to consider both pros and cons before installing a skylight.

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