Things You Should Know About Glass Roof


A glass roof is something that looks absolutely stunning and you see them in architectural magazines and wonder how much they would cost! They are actually costly in comparison to your average roofing materials. They look stunning and they work as a great skylight substitute. They do decrease the electricity bills and in addition you get the mesmerizing view from your house. If you think you should get a glass roof, there are certain things you should consider before getting a glass roof. No matter if you have your entire roof installed as a glass roof or work with a single glass panel, these things below should always kept in mind in order to ensure longevity.  

Cleaning it:

Glass is transparent and therefore any small amount of dirt is vividly visible. It will show and it will bother you. Cleaning it has to be done on a regular basis. Glass roof is not something like metal or wooden roof where you make a semi-annual routine of cleaning it. You need to clean it more often. If you cannot do it by yourself, call your roofing contractors downriver Michigan and let them do their job. They are fast and reliable, therefore you do not have to worry and wait for long. If you do clean it yourself, then make sure to apply safety.   Self cleaning glass is another option. In that case you do not have to worry about cleaning it every now and then. It would of course cost you more but the comfort it will provide is worth spending the money. Self cleaning glasses comes with a coating which makes it rather difficult for dust and leaves to get stuck to it.   Adding glass beams to your glass roof would initially cost more but if you think of the long run, it will save you more electricity bills. It will give you better sunlight inside the house. You can install windows to your glass roof. This will help you control the sunlight inside the house. Sometimes when it is a hot day and your house is getting heated by the sun, you can shut it off. Sometimes the light is too bright and you want to have some shade, in that case having shutters helps. The greenhouse effect is an issue with glass roofing, so considering that you probably should think twice about roof windows. Apply coating that would prevent slipping. A glass roof something you do want to talk on and show it off to your friends and family. The last thing you would want is have an accident on the roof while you were walking on it. There are many anti slip coatings available. A glass roof would cost you more than any other roofing materials available. But it will look probably the most creative. You need to maintain is well in order to keep its lifespan stretched.

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