Tips on Rooftop Gardening


Gardening is something that makes you feel relaxed and it is one of the most active hobbies of all time. Earlier there was a lot of land where people could have a garden in their backyards without any doubt. Now a days, it is not likely to find enough space in the backyard to harvest of grow flowers either. The feeling of harvesting something is epic. Anyone who loves gardening knows it is the most fulfilling feeling. It is not so much about eating a fresh fruit or a vegetable but the sear act of creating something with their own effort is what makes it more interesting. People can spend hours in their garden and still do not feel tired. But sadly in urban houses even if you love gardening, there is not enough space for it. Luckily you can create a rooftop garden. Rooftop gardens are best done on a flat roof. If you already have a flat roof then installing a rooftop garden is not a problem. You can probably do it yourself or call up roofing Contractors Oakland county MI for some professional help. They may give you some insight and some more tips on rooftop gardening. A rooftop garden needs to be well maintained. A roofing contractor has past experience regarding this maintenance and, therefore, they would be able to provide valuable tips and tricks on it. No matter how small your roof is, it can always be designed for a rooftop garden. Utilize all the corners and keep space in the middle for walking. If you allow the middle space to get stuffed with plants, it will not look so good and you would not be able to enjoy the view of a rooftop garden either. Keep seating area in the roof. If you have a rooftop garden, it is only obvious that you would spend a lot of time on the roof. Therefore, a seating area is essential. Customize your seating area the way you want. You can add fancy lights to make it more luxurious. Sunshine is very important for plants and you need to arrange all your plants in a way that maximum sun shine is being utilized. If proper sunshine is not given to plants, they would lose its color, start to rot and get insects in them very soon. Watering your plant should be done in every other day if not every day. You cannot leave them on the roof without watering them and wait for the rain to come. When it rains, you can skip watering your plants for few days. It depends on the weather how often you need to water your plants. After watering your plants, check if the water has drained completely or it is stuck in some places. Water getting stuck on the roof is the worst thing that can happen to a roof. You need to be very careful about water drainage. Clean the gutter every now and then otherwise dirt, leaves and branches may get stuck and decay your roof soon.

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