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Water is one of the most evocative and challenging elements in landscape design. It can turn any home exterior into a paradise with the nature’s touch, by improving the curb appeal. Since outdoor water features are one of the most commonly used prop whether placed in the front yard or backyard, they need to be paid extra attention on, to achieve the best touch of beauty and tranquility to draw the visitor's attention.

Hence add a dash of calmness and serenity with plant life that will blend with the soothing sound of a water feature seamlessly and bring in the spark, that would naturally attract birds and butterflies. Make sure to incorporate a one of a kind water feature to change the ambiance of the yard. Here a few stunning ideas for inspiration has been mentioned for homeowners to end up choosing one of them, that would work best for their own landscape!

How To Choose The Perfect Water Feature?

The Outdoor Garden Space Availability

The first step to getting started, is to check the space availability. This will let the homeowner decide with the type of water feature that could be incorporated. Since there are different styles of water features available in various sizes, it is important to choose the right one for the garden.

The Outdoor Garden Space Layout

Choose water feature, according to the land. Since, some have hilly ground while others have flat surfaces, one need to choose a feature that best suits the garden. Moreover, one could even try to level the ground, to fit the water feature within, depending upon the budget.

The Purpose Of Water Feature Addition

Have a love for fishes or water plants? Or just prefer to bring in life to the yard? Whatever the reasons could be, make sure that the water feature fullfill the home dwellers wishes.

Types Of Outdoor Water Features

Natural Pond

Garden ponds are the popular way to bring water to the landscape. If natural pond is the goal, line the edges with stones and plants. And add pumps to return the water to the pool from for an ongoing flow.

Ornamental cum Formal Pond

Its a mixture of both natural and formal, one could add stones and plants to get the natural look, as well as add geometrical patters to achieve the formal look. In addition to the structural design, one could include water plants and fishes to the features. Additionally, incorporating Koi Fish, bring in the feel and the character of "oriental garden"!

Ornamental Water Feature

These water features are generally located near a deck or outdoor patio furniture and are designed around an ornamental outdoor decor piece like a statue or a fountain.

Water Fountain

Fountain opens a chance to incorporate water in the landscape, without the expense or space of a large pool. It adds sparkle to the site and the small bubbles can add a movement to the garden ponds as well as the sound of water splashing is truly invigorating. Moreover, these water features can be set on timers, hence can be run only when required.

Water Basin

These tiny features are just right for home owners with smaller spaces. Don't get disappointed, as one can get these miniature installed in any space! Since, basins are available in different sizes and shapes with and without fountains. Choose right away and get it installed without giving a second thought.
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