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For ages staircases are being part of home design and structural element to define the characteristic of your lifestyle. Time has changed and trends are changing rapidly. Even though the purpose of stair area is still the same, it has changed in design and structure in many ways.
Thus when the designing of stairs comes in mind, apart from the design of stair area, the rise, thread, landing, and the handrails play a very important role. Materials like crystals, glass,cast iron, stainless steel, wood are being used depending upon ones budget and style. As a variety of designs are available these days, it can be tough task to find the suitable one for your space!
Check out the few handrail designs that suits various space:

Golden Touch

Want to bring in a royal feel for your entryway? Then do not forget to check out these handrails in golden color. It suits a larger stairway that opens up in a hall. Adding a shimmering golden crystal chandelier will enhance the whole look of the foyer. A bit of gold used on the handrails and the chandeliers is enough to grab the attention.

Free Zone

Designing of stairs without railings are in trend! It definitely gives a trendy look but such designs should be avoided in places with presence of kids and senior citizens.
Design is not just about taking care of the aesthetic view. The safety should be the top most priority, while designing the staircase railing. Designers do a detailed case study before recommending any designs to their clients. Search for staircase designer here on Spaceio, before you begin calling a contractor.

Black Wrought Iron Railings

Black can never go out of fashion! Just play safe. Variety of designs are available in cast iron material, select one of your choice. It will match any interior decor, specially with wooden posters and flooring as shown in this picture.

Classic Traditional Design

These white painted handrails goes well with marble stairs and light wall-paints shades. The artistic elegant circular design on handrails bring in the classic look to the hallway.

Sleek Modern Effect

Simple straight stainless steel handrail is the best if you are trying to get the contemporary touch for your interior.Steel is used in rest of the home interiors to complement, hence the stair design blends well.

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