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A cornice is generally any horizontal decorative molding that crowns a building or furniture element to give it a more aesthetic look. The function of the projecting cornice on the exterior of a building is to run rainwater free of the building walls whereas, cornice created inside the room at ceilings, corners, furniture's, is to create a visual decorative look to ornate the spaces with lavish and elaborate designing.

Different Materials Used

Cornices can be made from different materials, according to the need as well as according to the space, where it's going to be installed. The various cornicing areas are the ceiling cornice, furniture cornice, exterior cornice, and they have their own requirement of different materials, to withstand various circumstances.

For ceiling, molding materials like plaster of Paris also known (gypsum board ) is used. Fiberglass ( Glass Reinforced Plastic) are also used to construct cornices for ceiling. These fibre glass is prepared from fine glass fibers, which is used to reinforce a plastic matrix, jesmonite ( gypsum based material bonded with an acrylic resin).

Decorative molding material is generally light weight, very strong, less brittle. It is also cost efficient.

Advantages Of Adding Crown Molding

1. It provides the space with a decorative impression.
2. It hides away any kind of patches, cracks etc. at the ceiling corners.
3. They protect exterior walls from getting directly wet by rain water.
4. Soft moulding are lighter and cheaper.

Where To Use Cornice

Moldings are well suited in the rooms like big halls, wedding halls, hotel galleries, hotel rooms, office conference rooms, large living area, and so on. They are a kind of status symbol and dignifies decor’s. Also, elegant sofa, couches with molding designs, provides a royal touch to the décor.
Best is to reach out Custom Molding Contractors in your area, and get the estimate and quote, before you begin a molding project.

Stay Trendy

Nowadays people prefer the latest non-traditional types of cornice moldings, as beside the wiring part hiding in the moldings, some of the new types of moldings have areas where designers can add LED lights for enhancing the aesthetic view. Typically, this lighting offers a background to the ceiling by giving a dramatic effect. Therefore, add molding to your spaces or furniture set, as it not only ornate the space, it also plays a vital role in covering unwanted flaws.

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