How To Make Your Tiny Garden Be a Real Haven This Summer


It’s a real blessing to have a garden of your own, even if it’s a tiny one. No matter how small it is, there are many ways you can turn it into your cozy haven and enjoy its little wonders this summer. Check out these tips:

1. Make a mini patio

No matter how small your garden is, there’s still a chance of making a mini patio and create a focus center perfect for a comfortable chair or two and cute cushions to freshen it up. You don’t need anything else!

2. Inspired by the English way

Do a research on how the English do it: leave the room only for one comfy chair and a small water feature with soothing sounds, and leave the rest to low-maintenance plants and bushes and let nature run wild – you only have to enjoy while watching how your garden changes every month or two.

3. Vertical garden

A small garden means that you need to use every inch of the space wisely. That’s why you should go in a vertical direction. For example, if you don’t like the fence surrounding your garden, cover it completely by making a vertical garden over it. The easiest way is to choose a couple of old frames or buy them at a local store and fill them with various kinds of succulents – they are very easy to grow and they will hide the ugly fence soon enough. You can also use cool pallet planters for any other part of the garden to fill the space with plants as much as you can.

4. Have a vegetable garden

There’s no need for you to give up your vegetable garden, just choose it wisely – choose a couple of vegetables that you usually put in a salad, like tomatoes, lettuce, and herbs, and plant them in wine boxes. You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll pick fresh fruit from the plants.

5. Use mirrors

Mirrors are known to be frequently used in tiny rooms to make them look larger. Why can’t you do the same with your garden? You will also get a bonus – a mirror reflects the sunlight, so you’ll get more natural light. The trick is to hang the mirror among the foliage that’s growing on a fence or a wall. In that way, it will bounce the light over the garden but it will also create the feeling of a more spacious garden.

6. Use plastic bottles

Plastic bottles for different drinks can be incredibly useful – this is a form of reusing something in a creative way. First, cut off the top of all the bottles you manage to find. Next, add gravel for proper drainage. Lastly, add soil and then grow a plant in it. Isn’t it a great idea for unique plant containers or what?

7. Turn the shed into a summer house

Maybe you have a garden shed that you don’t really use for anything serious, only for keeping a toolbox. If that’s the case, consider changing its purpose in a much cooler way. Take half a day to empty it (there are always things that we keep in our sheds that we don’t really need) and do a thorough cleaning. Let some fresh air in it and then turn it into a potting shed (if you enjoy gardening) or a studio where you can enjoy your hobbies or make things. If nothing else, it can be a little garden playhouse for your kids or your guests’ kids.

8. Paint the fence

Garden fences deserve your attention, and probably more often than you would think. If you think it's time for a fresh layer of paint on it, try a different approach this time - instead, using the expected brown color, go with some playful color instead, like turquoise or bright red.

9. Make a bird feeder

By making and putting a bird feeder in your garden, you'll enrich it with the sweet sounds of birds chirping. You don't have to buy the feeder; you can get ideas from some of the best birdfeeders and make your own twist to it.

10. Create a glass greenhouse within

There's also the option to replace the whole garden or a part of it with a glass greenhouse - it's a perfect opportunity to have your personal tropical paradise. You can make a mix of glass and external PVC to ensure the construction is stable and then choose what type of plants you would like to grow in it. It can become a hobby in its own right.

11. Give your chest drawer a new purpose

You probably have an unused chest drawer somewhere in your home. So, why let it rot somewhere in your attic or garage if you can give it a completely new life by turning it into a unique planter? Open the lowest drawer almost completely, while opening the next one above it slightly less and so forth, and then plant something of your choice in them. This way, you'll have a unique collection of plant containers in one. As you can see, having a tiny garden doesn't have to be so limiting as you may think. It offers a number of opportunities to use every inch of it and turn it into something unique and personal.
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