How do I search for references for 3D modeling


How do I search for references for 3D modeling

Hello everyone, today I would like to share with you my experience in the search for reference for modeling or just pictures for inspiration. I apologize for the fact that I do not write much in recent years, we do not have a creative atmosphere in Ukraine.) The title picture fully expresses my feelings - someone who is older and knows the story will understand) (and yes, it's not 3D). But nevertheless, I am with you and very glad to see everyone.

Of course it would be nice to know its history and possible differences in versions. Therefore, the first thing we will do is go to Wikipedia and find out how it is spelled correctly, what kinds it is, what it consists of. Whether it has a wooden butt, there may be some recognizable and important elements. Vicki informs us that his full name in English "Thompson " is excellent, now we can look it up right. By the way, immediately we learn that it can be carried in a case from a violin - it's a super-idea for a render composition.

I do not know about you, but I like to get inspired at the beginning of the work. Yes, and just look, who has done something in this direction. So I go to Google Images and use the site operator to scan all the galleries I know. For example, CGHub, CgSociety and blenderartists. Here's how it looks:
Just in case, here's another useful operator in Google search - these are the feet. "" The sentence enclosed in them will be searched in a direct entry, that is, you will see only those pages on which it appears exactly as it is written. Often this is useful to get rid of debris. Plus do not forget to use advanced search settings, you can choose only large photos, or only color, or only black and white (can be useful when searching for drawings).
And here is an example with the ability to find a drawing.

Next, go to the wonderful site Flickr and look for "home photos." This site has an interesting feature - its images are not indexed by Google, so using only Google Images you do not get information. Also on this site you can find very, very rare photos from different angles, untreated in Photoshop. Often there are photos from museums.

In modeling, a complete drawing will help us a lot, which should be looked for on the good site There are both free and paid drawings. They do not have a free machine in their normal quality, but there is a charge. There are a lot of cars, there are even mobile phones, so come here more often.

In fact, this is a popular automaton and a lot of drawings just on request "thompson blueprint", but I showed the process suitable even for rare things.

Perhaps you will be useful for another function Google Images - search for similar images. If you want to find all the resources where some render or reference is published (and then there is an additional infa or a picture in a larger resolution), then simply grab the picture with a mouse and drag it into the search field of the Google Images service. Here, for example, I'll find this picture in the best quality.

Moreover, there is a watermark on it that interferes with the work.

The first result without a watermark, though less in resolution.

Also, it will never be superfluous to go to 3D marketplaces and see already finished 3d model of the object. And I always try to google, adding words like review, club, repair, replica, sell, buy - this allows you to find forums for owners or a community of weapons lovers.

Another useful source of images is Pinterest, it's hard to find all about one subject at once, but this source is also worth checking.

That's basically all, I hope that was useful. Good luck and good mood.

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