Canopy And Awnings Types For Residential & Commercial Spaces

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If you are looking forward to create a stylish addition to your home or commercial space exteriors, which provides shade, protection from UV rays, wind and rain at the same time, then canopies an awning is what you need! Basically, they are attractive, comfortable, and come in affordable ranges too.

Canopies are very affordable, and can be put up almost instantly to provide an outdoor home base for commercial use such as selling small business items, or recreational use, such as a picnic or an outdoor cafe. Whereas, awnings are a bit less expensive, and can serve to protect patio or deck, so that you one can continue to enjoy them even when the weather doesn't go as expected!

Most Common Shapes Of Awnings And Canopies

Standard Awnings.
Concave Awnings.
Casment Awnings.
Complex Awnings
Dome Awnings.
Dome awnings with valance
Elongated Dome Awnings.
Elongated Awnings with valance
Sign box Awnings
Back lit with pop-up.
Back lit with dormer.
Traditional Awning with hip end

Different Types Of Canopies

Canopy with hip ends.
Gabled entrance canopy.
Rounded entrance canopy with bull nose.
Rounded Canopy
Patio canopy
Pyramid cabana canopy.

Get different designed awnings and canopies to shade the windows or doors. They enhance the beauty of any space, protects one from strong sunlight and other weather conditions. It's available in different colors, textures, materials, strips and so on, to put in the classy touch.

Single colored awnings and canopies give a royal traditional touch, whereas, strips and textured ones give a modern touch. Even the addition of glass awnings with steel studs are simply superb choice to go with.

Ornate The Outdoor Space

With awnings and canopies enhance the view of the exterior spaces, provide cover to homes. Hence, choose among any of these awnings- Aluminum, steel Awnings, Retractable awnings, Lateral Arm Awnings and Side or Drop Arm Awnings and set up the exteriors!
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