Modern Architectural Solutions in Office Design


If you want your office to be up to date with the best and latest design solutions, you must go with the contemporary design. This beautiful exterior and interior design trend is quickly taking over the office world for its pleasing, minimalist look and the sense of advancement and order. Here are some of the best modern solutions for progressive workplaces.

Sleek minimalism

For a few years now, minimalism has been going strong in architecture and interior design, and office spaces are no different. Minimalism is a great trend, especially for offices, because it allows workers to think, concentrate and be productive instead of providing them with visual distractions and clutter. Additionally, minimalism gives off a very professional vibe many clients love to see in business. Think simple lines, neutral color palette and interesting materials to break the monotony. Concrete (polished and unpolished) is quite a popular material for minimalist offices, but so are marble and wood panels. Corian is another very minimalist and modernist material perfect for everything from walls to reception desks. When it comes to exteriors, simple cladding materials without any interruptions and splice joints can provide great visual appeal.
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Modern furniture

Minimalism and modern furniture go hand in hand, so choosing very sleek furniture with simple and sharp lines and plenty of clean space is a total must for every contemporary minimalist office. Think long lounge sofas, geometric coffee tables and contemporary armchairs for the lobby. On the other hand, consider investing in ergonomic furniture for your workers to boost their comfort and well-being. For instance, simple black executive chairs look amazing in every minimalist office and they offer ample back support. Combine such a chair with a high-tech standing desk and a modern desk lamp, and you’ll get an amazing, minimalist office perfect for any 21st-century company.

Open space office

Cubicles had a long reign but now, many architects, interior designers and business owners choose to leave that office must-have behind in favor of open space offices. By tearing down the walls, workers get a better shot at communicating with each other, sharing ideas and tackling projects as a team. If open space isn’t practical for your type of business, replacing boxy cubicles with modular offices is another great idea that promotes cooperation and the sense of unity. These modular layouts allow workers to quickly and easily move furniture around depending on the needs of the task. Some new offices even go as far as to completely throw out assigned desks and let workers choose their seat and their neighbors!
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Small nooks and crannies

Open space concepts have many benefits, but offices like these can become quite hectic and noisy, especially if you’re trying to relax. So, providing workers with some peace and quiet can have a great effect on their productivity and energy levels. Think little pods for quick naps or nooks for quiet chill sessions. These spaces can also be used for private meetings and small team projects that require concentration and peace.

Green up the place

Biophilia is getting some serious attention in architecture today. Many architects choose to bring nature closer to building-dwellers with wood, flora patterns, fabrics and artwork along with natural greenery. For instance, living walls, dividers and roofs are getting very popular. Aside from looking amazing, they also help clean the air, control temperature and prevent the urban heat island effect. Additionally, greenery has a positive effect on focus, productivity and happiness of workers. Even natural shades of green for the office palette and window views of nature can achieve a good physical and psychological effect.
These innovative designs will welcome any office into the 21st century and leave a great impression on workers and clients.

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